Seabrook, Texas

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Seabrook TX Real Estate, Seabrook area and Community Information

Conveniently located close to Galveston and Houston, Seabrook offers a prime location as well as superb amenities nearby. Known for its picturesque beaches, the city also enjoys excellent public schools courtesy of the Clear Creek Independent School District, numerous parks and trails, a strong economy and close proximity to nearby highways, airports and Harris County Transit bus services. With its ideal location, beautiful waterfront scenery and outstanding quality of life, Seabrook is perfect for those looking to relocate to the scenic Galveston Bay Area of Texas.

The Seabrook TX real estate market offers easy access to beaches and parks as well as strong property values and very affordable prices and interest rates. Seabrook TX homes are readily available in a wide array of choices and include waterfront vacation homes with scenic views and beachfront access, single-family homes, townhouses, multifamily homes and economical starter homes. Seabrook homes for sale and other forms of Seabrook real estate offer plenty of great options for vacationers, families, first-time homebuyers and retirees alike. Commuters to nearby cities like Galveston and Houston will also find Seabrook properties to be outstanding choices.


The city was established in 1895 and thrived on fishing and shipping in its early years. Although hit hard by the infamous Galveston Hurricane of 1900, Seabrook rebuilt quickly and continued to prosper. In recent years it has seen renewed population and economic growth and offers a reasonable cost of living, ideal location and exceptional quality of life overall today.

Parks and Recreation

The city boasts picturesque beaches and a wealth of outdoor recreational and leisure activities such as fishing, surfing, boating and swimming. Seabrook also boasts a bevy of parks, trails and public spaces such as Pine Gully Park, Robinson Park and a portion of the Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail .

Attractions and Activities

Local attractions in Seabrook include its pristine beaches, Pine Gully Park, Robinson Park, the Harris County Public Library and a bevy of local shops, restaurants and art galleries to explore. Nearby cities like Galveston and Houston also host a number of popular attractions to visit.


Local events and festivals in the Seabrook area include the Seabrook Festival of the Arts, special activities at the Harris County Public Library, local sports games in Galveston and Houston and much more throughout the year.

Seabrook: Scenic Beaches, Affordable Homes and a Prime Location

Homes for sale in Seabrook and other forms of real estate in Seabrook offer some of the most outstanding deals in the Galveston Bay Area. Those inquiring into becoming a Seabrook home buyer should contact Keith Owens right away to find out more about this great city and its wealth of home and property options.
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