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House.pngHarris County, or North of Clear Lake, includes neighborhoods within the following Communities: Clear Lake City, Seabrook, Nassau Bay, Webster, La Porte and Friendswood.

House.pngGalveston County, or South of Clear Lake, includes neighborhoods within the following Communities: League City, Kemah and Clear Lake Shores, Bacliff, and San Leon.

Do I still need an Agent?

Construction-blueprints-2.pngWhen searching for a new home, or building a custom home, it is still important to hire a Real Estate agent to help you negotiate and navigate through the different steps. While some Builders may have their own agents, they only have the Builders’ best interests in mind. A Buyers Agent will help you discuss the Pros and Cons of individual Builders and Communities, help you navigate any Upgrades and negotiate the contract.

Should I use the Builders’ Lender?


Builders will often have an in­ house Lender. However, it’s in your best interest to contact at least 2 other Mortgage Brokers that will look at multiple Lenders to find you the best deal. Mortgage Brokers will also better explain the overall Lending process like points, interest rates, fees, etc...

Even New Homes should be Inspected!

NDG303-B-2.png We always advise clients to have new homes Inspected by a Professional, licensed Home Inspector. Even new construction can have defects. An Inspector will ensure your home is built to code and that everything works correctly prior to move­ in. Particularly if you are having a home built, having an Inspector review each stage of construction can be very important. Stage Inspections can help identify problems before it’s too late to rectify like foundation, plumbing, electrical and insulation to name a few. Paying close attention to every step of construction pays big dividends in the end. Not only will you have peace of mind that it was done right, but you will be able to tell in the quality at every turn. Purchasing a New Home and Building your Dream Home is a huge step. And it can also be a long process so choose people you Trust! From choosing Builders, Lenders and/or Inspectors, the Keith Owens Team has a strategic partnership with reputable businesses in each field that are dedicated to ensuring you have the best experience possible.
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