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Thinking About Selling Your Home?

For most people, their homes represent the largest financial purchase they’ve made. Ideally, that equals equity and a great source of savings as well. When it comes time to sell your home, you deserve an Agent whose # 1 goal is to protect and optimize that investment.

Most agents will simply visit your home with a pre-printed list of homes that have sold in your neighborhood and boil your investment down to dollars per square foot. We never give an opinion without first visiting with you and touring your house so that we can prepare an extensive Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) that takes your homes’ unique amenities into account.

A CMA is a comprehensive breakdown of homes with similar features that have recently Sold within your neighborhood, an evaluation of the time it takes to sell your home, Active Listings that may be competition and potential Net Proceeds. Particularly in a market where very few properties have Sold, or with Luxury/Unique Properties, decades of experience are more important than ever. With each CMA, we also evaluate any items that may need to be addressed to make your home more competitive, explain the sales process and provide a detailed Marketing Plan.

Our 360-degree approach is designed to educate the homeowner and reduce stress about the overall process of selling your home.

7 Steps To Sell Your Home:

1. Pre Marketing 2. Competitive Marketing Positioning 3. Online Marketing 4. Print Marketing 5. Target Marketing, Direct Agent Marketing 6. Contract and Negotiating 7. Navigating the Closing Process

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Keith Owens
Keith Owens
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